thank you! ^^ if i need any i will ask you :) i'd like to let you see the photo of my cosplay, but unfortunately i can't paste links in the questions :(


Ahahha thats true! If you ever want ^o^ You can send an un-annon question or message (if you watch this one), that way i dont have to publish it or anything : ) But totally good luck on that cosplay! (It sounds like a hard one!)

thanks for posting Vector equipped with Don thousand's Throne and Merag, i <3 them!. thanks to the settei of Vector you posted i will try to do a cosplay version about that! :D


Woo! You are welcome ^o^ I think I might have like 1 or 2 more of the Vector x Don Thousand Throne I can scan though if you need it!

Do you have battle armour III ref sheets?



Sadly no, i need to get some more sheets I think for that, I tried to get a Zexal armor one, but they are really popular for some reason. I don’t think I obtained one recently either ;;

I JUST REALIZED YOU MEANT BATTLE ARMOUR III AND NOT ZEXAL III IDK WHY I GOT THAT MESSED UP. But same same, i dont have him yet ;; I plan on buying some older zexal for the tron family and such! So lets hope soon!

Hello ^^ Can you upload Vector and Nasch past life settei please? <3


I don’t think I have past life Vector yet, but I do have one of Nash I beleive, Ill scan that in asap!